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: About Us

A pixel art animation studio


All In Pixel is a creative pixel art animation and illustration studio based in Barcelona since 2011.

Born in the 80’s, we grew up with this amazing 8 Bit culture / retro gaming  aesthetics. Since then, we’ve been creating in pixel in its widest meaning, starting with illustration, taking it to life with animation and ending up composing 8bit music and sound design.

We believe in the power of low res graphics to bring new ideas to life mixed with nostalgia for all kind of projects: video games, online videos, short films… you name it. All of them with a special focus on storytelling.

: About Us : Team

Marcello Buselli Marcello Buselli

Marcello Buselli

Creative Director

Ibran Trassierra Ibran Trassierra

Ibran Trassierra

Creative Director

Victoria Ventura Victoria Ventura

Victoria Ventura

Head of Production

Raül Peix Raül Peix

Raül Peix

Director & Art Director

Pol Solà Pol Solà

Pol Solà

Director & Animation

Eudald Salarich Eudald Salarich

Eudald Salarich

Art Direction & Animation

Luke Etcheverry Luke Etcheverry

Luke Etcheverry

Illustration & Animation

Tamara Sefcovicova Tamara Sefcovicova

Tamara Sefcovicova


Ariadna Pons Ariadna Pons

Ariadna Pons


: About Us : Recognitions

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Offf festival Moscow


Bronce Laus


Bronce CDC


Bronce al Sol Festival de Publicidad


Bronce al Inspirational Festival


Vimeo Staff Pick