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A Theory Of Flight


: About

Nearby future can be a beautiful place thanks to technology, at least this is what the nice people at The Verge think. So they invited us to create the first episode of their animated serie “Better Worlds”, a science fiction project about hope. Its style combines pixelated retro video games with a cinematic approach based on the classics of dystopian sic-fi movies.

Based on the story by Justina Ireland, we adapted the script to imagine a future about the revolutionary heroine Carlinda’s daring plan to build an open-source rocket to help more people escape contaminated planet Earth, to a better, cleaner life on planet ‘Europa’. Kickstarting a revolution to open up the skies to everyone. As women power believers, we created a strong female main character finding her way in a distopic world.

This animated short film was a total success on The Verge's social media channels. So join Carlinda in her space revolution and explore the uncountable better worlds awaiting for us in this pixelated aesthetics with a clear cinematic approach based on the classics of dystopian sic-fi movies.

: Styleframes

: Character Development

: Clean Up – Compositing

: Credits

A film directed and produced by All In Pixel.

Based on the story by Justina Ireland.

Creative Direction : The Verge

Creative Director : William Joel

Illustration : All in Pixel, David Feliu, Luke Etcheverry, Eugeniy Yudin, Toni Sala

Animation : All in Pixel, David Feliu, Sebastian Garcia, Juan Nadalino, Luke Etcheverry

Clean up : Luke Etcheverry, Evgeniy Yudin

Narration : Andia Winslow

Music : Ambrose Yu

Sound Design : Sono Sanctus

Screenplay : Laura Hudson

Executive Producers : Nilav Patel, Eleanor Donovan

Supervising Producers : Sophie Erickson

Production Manager : Meg Toth

Editorial Director : Helen Havlak

General Manager : Steven Belser

Network Manager : Sarah Bishop Woods