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: About

Either if you’re biker, a surfer, a mountain climber, a volleyballer or a gym enthusiast, you will all have your own time to go out and do your favourite sports again, free as birds! You just need to wait for the right phase. The Covid-19 pandemic forced all of us to lockdown in order to avoid spreading the virus.

&Rosás Agency approached us to co-create an animated series of pixel-art videos for the sports giant Decathlon. The campaign consisted in communicating which sport was allowed in every phase of the lockdown’s downscale.Inspired by the popular California Games’ vacation-mood, and also hinting at the start of the Spanish summer season coinciding with the end of lockdown, we updated the video-game’s iconic style and came up with this colourful, casual, laid-back look and feel to portray such diverse sporty scenes.

Aiming to mirror society, we worked a fully heterogeneous depiction of the characters along with a different background content and colour palette for each scene. We used a slightly cartoon pixel-animation to give the characters a more singular and unique personality.

: Styleframes

: Rough Animation

: Idle Animation

: Credits

Directed and Produced : All In Pixel

Client : Decathlon

Agency : &Rosas

Direction : Pol Solà, Raül Peix

Producer : Victoria Ventura

Art Direction : Raül Peix, Pol Solà

Illustration : Raül Peix, Toni Sala

Cel Animation : Luke Etcheverry, Eudald Salarich, Toni Sala, Gianluca Patti

2D Animation : Raül Peix, Sol Solà

Edit : Pol Solà

Music & Sound Design : Raül Peix