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Fanta Games


: About

Fanta is so delicious that anyone, specially millenials, can’t resist it. And this angry farmer knows it pretty trying to get these youngsters off his fields, full of their favorite drink.

With this header, Fanta created three TV spots and then extended the campaign to online advergaming. Adressed to the millennial cause, we were called to recreate the TV spots into videogames in the way we do it better: All in Pixel. Turning the campaign into the 16 bits game every 90's kid was aiming for.

Let’s see who’s going to be the most Smart player and get the Fanta loot and dodge this terrible farmer!

: Farmer Kong

: Batmaning

: Credits

Client : Fanta

Direction, Design, Illustration, Animation, Music & Sound Design : All In Pixel

Additional Illustration : Toni Sala

Agency: McCann