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Maple Story


: About

Maple Story approached us to create a fun pixel intro that showcases their game’s armed but also has adorable characters, while exploring their mystical worlds full of monster battle mayhem.

We were excited to take on the challenge of bringing their vision to life, and the result is a series of fun pixels that we hope will get you as pumped about playing the game as we are!

: Look Development

: Character Development

: Rough Animation

: Animation

: Credits

Director : All in Pixel

Executive Director : Ibran Trassierra

Creative Director : Pol Sola

Head of Production : Victoria Ventura

Producer : Tamara Sefcovicova

Art Director : Eudald Salarich

Animation Director : Leo Campasso

Storyboard : Eudald Salarich, Karla Cuba

Illustration : Eudald Salarich, Nabil Saliba, Luke Etcheverry, Teo Casoli

Animation : Leo Campasso, Brian Gatewood, Santuke, Kyr Novikov, Edu Altarriba