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10 doors. 10 looks. 10 pallets. 10 concepts. 10 artists. 10 years of Pixelatl. We are honoured to have been invited to contribute to the 10th edition of Pixelatl. A renowned motion graphic festival hosted in Mexico city, dedicated to bringing together creators from around the world in the animation, comic and videogame industries.

Above all, Pixelatl is a space where links are generated, which open doors and each of these doors leads us to meet, learn, collaborate, and create new and unexpected stories, helping us grow personally and professionally. This is how the idea of this collaborative short film was born called ‘Infinite Doors’. Curated by, Pixelatl invited 10 artists from all over the world, each to create 6 seconds of animation, for this collaborative short.

We based our contribution on the demoscene subculture, a computer art subculture focused on the production of small, self-contained programs that produce audiovisual presentations. We explored 3D low-res techniques with a pixelart finish, to recreate an animated demoscene demo party. It was an amazing opportunity to work alongside so many talented creators and the result is a 60-second animation featuring amazing interplay between studios.

: Full video

We are super happy to have been invited by to participate in this project alongside so many talented studios! Including – – – FacundocapeceAlenvoicerecorder

: Credits

Directed and animated by All In Pixel