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Primavera Sound LineApp 2015


: About

Warren has lost his girl and all his music tapes, and just a true music lover could help him to get them back.

What would this adventurous get in exchange? The festival’s line up revealed during this funny adventure through its different levels. Not bad, uh? More than 140k users all over the world helped Warren in his mission and got to know if their favorite band was going to play at the festival.

Agency Snoop called us to develop the Concept Art, Design and Animation of Bad Moon, the awesome arcade video game aiming to be the most creative way to show Primavera Sound's line up.Thousands of music lovers helped Warren turn Bad Moon into Trending Topic on Twitter, creating a whole experience for those who already had their festival’s passes and for those who were in doubt.

: Backgrounds

: Idle Animation

: Credits

Client : Primavera Sound

Director : All in Pixel

Design : Eudald Salarich, Toni Sala

Animation : Eudald Salarich, Raül Peil

Music & Sound Design : All in Pixel

Production Company : Igloo Films

Agency : Snoop

Original music : OMD "Enola Gay"