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Retrogame Issues


: About

Created entirely in PETSCII, an 80s-era graphics system that used only 8-bit characters, Retrogame Issues explores the decade when game stations loaded up with multi cartridges, video game technology was in its infancy, and the local arcade was the place to be.

We created geometric shapes out of built-up symbols and letters available in the PETSCII character set. Playing with the geometric limitations of PETSCII allowed us to create more interesting shapes and patterns, adding colors and 8 bit mapping techniques to create depth and texture.

In order to achieve a video-game aesthetic, we added text mosaic glitches between scenes. This helped give the animation a fluidity that's reminiscent of playing a old school video game.

: Styleframes

As you take a closer look at the characters, you’ll notice little details that make up their composition. For example a letter ¨C¨ for thumb nail or a number ¨3¨ for a video game monster’s hand.

The overall retro aesthetic of the final piece is achieved through these small details that help to make each scene unique and memorable.

: Glitches

: Animation

: Credits

Directed and animated by All In Pixel